Frequently asked Questions

Why are people not active in investing in the industry? What are they afraid of?
  1. People Don't believe. Trust develops over time and with experience. Therefore, it is worth starting together with a qualified specialist who will advise and then help you take the first steps
  2. They do not know. Ignorance and mistrust, fear is overcome by expanding the scope of knowledge and searching for the necessary information about the stock market, what mechanisms are present, how market participants earn income.
  3. People have No money. The absence or presence of capital does not play a special role, as the determination in achieving financial results plays an important role. Even with a small amount, it makes sense to start investing in a long-term trend and increase it through various financial instruments.
  4. There is a negative experience. This is also a result, albeit at a loss. It is necessary to draw conclusions and move forward, improving financial literacy and diversifying risks in the investment process
  5. There are alternative options: this argument already sounds more interesting, since it is possible to compare and contrast risk-return. There is no time: there is always time!
What should be feared and what should be studied before investment decision making process?
You should be afraid of deceptive, false information, you should always look for the original source. Seek money management experts.
How to lose money on investments?
Take a word, not including critical thinking.
How to save on transaction costs?
The first and the simplest one is to conduct targeted trades without speculating. Second: choose a competent broker and understand in advance what type of investor you are.